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16.06.2022 8:30-9:30 Morning presentations of Working Group leaders 9:30-10:30 Separate WG meetings 10:30-11:00 Coffee break 11:00-12:30 Separate WG meetings 12:30-14:00 Lunch 14:00-15:30 Walk and talk session and Core group meeting afterwards After lunch, we will have a “walk and talk session“, where we will walk together with the opportunity to have a fruitful discussion with colleagues...

Part of our first in-person 3DForEcoTech meeting in Prague will be a workshop day (15.06.2022). It is full of exciting talks. The whole workshop will be streamed, so if you want to watch it live, please register below, and we will deliver the streaming link to your e-mail on the day of the workshop. Register HERE....

Open call - The deadline for applications is 8th May.

Aim & Objectives: Novel terrestrial-based technologies play an important part in monitoring forest ecosystems. Such technologies have experienced a fast development in recent years. Within this summer school we will introduce the theory, practical work and analysis of 3D terrestrial-based sensors. This includes various types of terrestrial laser scanning, mobile laser scanning, as well as...

3DForEcoTech is a COST Action focusing on three-dimensional close range technologies and how to use them for monitoring and a better understanding of #forest ecosystems. We will launch grant calls, training schools, meetings and multiple challenging tasks. So, follow us! FaceBook / Twitter / YouTube

Within the 3DForEcoTech COST Action www.cost.eu/actions/CA20118, we want to create a workflow database of all solutions for processing detailed point clouds of forest ecosystems. If you are a developer, tester or user do not hesitate to submit the solution/algorithm Here

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LiDAR simulation with HELIOS++ and the object-based tree database pytreedb for development of 3D/4D point cloud algorithms & deep learning
Bernhard Höfle presentation👇👇

Please suggest the one paper from 2022 we should read regarding close-range technologies and their usage for forests.
I searched in WOS, and there are 1167 papers from 2022.
But there are those standing out! Which one is the one for you this year?

#lidar #photogrammetry #forest

Opportunity to work with me for 4-6 weeks on a data fusion for lidar project, funded through @3DForEcoTech apply before 18 December, more info: https://3dforecotech.eu/news/working-group-2-short-term-scientific-mission/

Did you know #COSTactions can submit to @OpenResearch_EU, the @EU_Commission's #OpenAccess publishing venue?

This collaboration ensures rapid & transparent dissemination of Action results, bringing us 1️⃣ step closer to #ScienceWithoutBorders

#EUResearchArea cc @EUScienceInnov

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