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Aim & Objectives: Novel terrestrial-based technologies play an important part in monitoring forest ecosystems. Such technologies have experienced a fast development in recent years. Within this summer school we will introduce the theory, practical work and analysis of 3D terrestrial-based sensors. This includes various types of terrestrial laser scanning, mobile laser scanning, as well as...

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The workshop we held in Prague in June is available on our YouTube channel!
Lots of fascinating talks are fully available for you to watch.
The programme is available here: https://3dforecotech.eu/news/3dforecotech-workshop/



....our @holisoil site near and in the Dobroc old-growth forest in Slovakia ready for terrestrial and airborne laser scanning thanks to collaboration with @3DForEcoTech @m_mokros

Also, you really should check out @LouiseTerrynn's R package ITSme!
Very handy to extract structural metrics from tree point clouds... 🌳

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