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Aim & Objectives: Novel terrestrial-based technologies play an important part in monitoring forest ecosystems. Such technologies have experienced a fast development in recent years. Within this summer school we will introduce the theory, practical work and analysis of 3D terrestrial-based sensors. This includes various types of terrestrial laser scanning, mobile laser scanning, as well as...

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LiDAR simulation with HELIOS++ and the object-based tree database pytreedb for development of 3D/4D point cloud algorithms & deep learning
Bernhard Höfle presentation👇👇

Please suggest the one paper from 2022 we should read regarding close-range technologies and their usage for forests.
I searched in WOS, and there are 1167 papers from 2022.
But there are those standing out! Which one is the one for you this year?

#lidar #photogrammetry #forest

Opportunity to work with me for 4-6 weeks on a data fusion for lidar project, funded through @3DForEcoTech apply before 18 December, more info: https://3dforecotech.eu/news/working-group-2-short-term-scientific-mission/

Did you know #COSTactions can submit to @OpenResearch_EU, the @EU_Commission's #OpenAccess publishing venue?

This collaboration ensures rapid & transparent dissemination of Action results, bringing us 1️⃣ step closer to #ScienceWithoutBorders

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