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Jesper Erenskjold Moeslund

Organisation: Aarhus University
Department: Dept. of Ecoscience
Country: Denmark
City: Aarhus
Expertise of the potential host: Forest ecology, condition metrics, dead wood, conservation, threatened species, restoration, biodiversity metrics, forest structure
Description of possible topics: - Investigations of how to characterise untouched temperate forests in contrast to forestry forest. Metrics that allows us to assess the degree to which a forest is natural and host for threatened species - Developing deep learning based methods to detect high-biodiversity forest at close range, such as rotten areas on the stems, stem cover of bryophytes and liches, hollows in stems and effective measurements of coarse woody debris"
Extra info: The research at our department is very applied as we are the official consultants for the Danish government. We therefore wish our research to be targeted towards being used for giving the best advise on how to turn the ongoing biodiversity crisis.