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Alla Aleksanyan

Organisation: Institute of Botany aft. A.Takhtajyan NAS Armenia
Department: Geobotany and ecological physiology
Country: Armenia
City: Yerevan
Expertise of the potential host: Classification and diversity of vegetation, ecosystems Ecosystem services assessment Nature conservation: approaches and methods for sustainable management of protected natural sites and sustainable use of biological resources Ecology of rare, endemic, economically, and socially significant species Invasion biology Biodiversity monitoring and impact assessment (climate change, anthropogenic pressure, etc.)
Description of possible topics: Any topic related to Expertise of the host
Extra info: Armenia indeed holds significant biodiversity and is recognized as a unique hotspot deserving more attention, increased human resources, and enhanced research capacity. Hosting international postdocs at our institution will enhance the visibility of our country and showcase its rich biodiversity alongside high-quality research.